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The S.S. Dragonfly is an electric Duffy Boat, which means that she is eco friendly and that you don't have to worry about breathing in obnoxious fumes from the engine. She is 100% electric and runs off of batteries, so it doesn't pollute the water in the canal or the fresh air around us. after a night of charging she's ready to go for another 12 hours of care free cruising in the water. The Dragonfly runs completely silent too, so you don't have to yell over the stressful, thunderous engine. The S.S. Dragonfly is covered by a “surrey top” providing shade and feels like “a living room on the water”. It also has clear plexiglass windows that can be zipped open or zipped shut, providing warm shelter from wind or rain.  Running at 6mph, she's the perfect boat to relax in while listening to music over the Bluetooth radio.

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